The BioAnalytics Group LLC

The BioAnalytics Group specializes in computional biology applied to real-world problems of the pharmaceutical industry.

By Scott Lett

I’ve organized these links for the following reasons:

1.         Some of the links are to the great products and people with which I’ve had the good fortune to associate.   This is a ‘thank you’ to all of them.

2.         Some of the links are to technologies and information I find useful.  Other people in scientific computing may find them useful as well.

Research Systems, Inc.

Research Systems make image processing, data analysis and visualization tools.  Now part of Kodak, they make great products.

The Petroleum WorkBench

Baker Hughes is the new home of the Scientific Software-Intercomp group that created the Petroleum Workbench.  Great Product!

Predix Pharmaceuticals

Predix Pharmaceuticals is the new home of Physiome Sciences, creators of PathwayPrism and CardioPrism.


Netlib is one of the oldest and biggest sources of scientific software


Multigrid is an important approach to solving large, difficult problems.  MGNet is a site providing important information in this field.

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